Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Princess and the Puma

Pages 1-3 of an adaptation of O. Henry's short story. Ink on artboard.

The Princess and the Puma

Pages 4-8 of an adaptation of O. Henry's short story. Had to try drawing horses, need more work on that. Ink on artboard.


Cover and page 1 of my zombie story. Ink on bristol.


Pages 2-6 of a story I'm working on. Maybe it's a bad idea to post this? Ink on bristol.

Adam and Eve

For an assignment where we had to retell Adam and Eve in a different setting. Ink on artboard.

Jack and the Beanstalk

A school assignment done in ink and colored in Photoshop.

Alien Invasion!

When Aliens attack, I must draw it! This was a three pager done for class. Had too much fun with this one. Pencil on artboard.


My favorite comic book character. Scanned ink drawing colored in Photoshop.

Demon Slayer

He stands over his prey, two mates nearby, differing emotions on the brink. Ink on bristol.

Friend Portrait

Watercolor portrait of a friend from college.


This looks a little scary, although it looks like he's enjoying it. Ink on bristol, shaded with pencil.

Ninja Jump!

Who doesn't like ninjas? This is ink on bristol, shaded in Photoshop. POW!


Here's a three page assignment from school. Looks a little stiff now that I look at it, but had fun with it. Class was taught by Klaus Janson, one of my heroes! Pencil on art board.

Native Ladies

Here's a welding helmet I painted. These gals are painted with acylic.

Ripley meets Queen

I love the movie Aliens, and this is one of my favorite scenes. Was a quick sketch, ink and watercolor on art board.

Kicking Back

Whoa, check this lazy guy out. Looks like he's having a good time. Pencil on bristol.

Zombie Windu

Zombie Mace Windu attacks the Emperor! He somehow recovered his hand! Hahaha, this is ink on paper, colored with watercolor and colored pencil.

Around the Corner...

Here's just a single page of a 4 pager I did in school. This is the only one I colored. Ink on bristol, colored in Photoshop.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Triple Threat

Here are three characters of mine from stories I have in mind. I like females with weapons, they are a hoot to draw. Ink on bristol with watercolor for the gray tones.


This is a gouche painting based on a photo I found on the front page of a newspaper. Iraqi prisoner, most likely civilian, with the ominous shadow of an American soldier.

Freedom, Love

Here's an illustration I had in mind for awhile. I like the visual impact of the American military conflicting with the words in the back. Ink on bristol with additional shading with pencil.


Here I'm using three point perspective, which I'm quite fond of and feel I can pull off easily. Ink on bristol with additional shading with pencil.

Growing Up with Video Games

This is a strip about the video game generation growing up now, and I'm one of them. Although I got my start on the first Nintendo, not the Atari 2600, I feel many of my peers can relate to this strip. Ink on bristol.

Holey Cat Burglar

How should I describe this? She's a cat burglar, with holes, like swiss cheese! Ink on bristol. Additional shading done with pencil.

Beef. It'z whatz for Dinner...

So what's for dinner? Why beef, that's what. Delicious, wonderful, tasty beef....mmmmmmmm....Ink on bristol.

Never Fall Apart

This is a watercolor work that I did for my fashion illustration class. I had fun working on this.


Another cool picture i did in college. I love aliens and was messing with the warm/cool color scheme again. This is one of my larger pieces. Ink on bristol, colored with marker and colored pencil.


Here is cool image that I enjoyed making. It's colored with markers and colored pencils. I was trying to work the cool and warm colors into a cool design, a clash of opposing ideals, the dark vs. light, the cold vs. hot.