Saturday, September 29, 2012


I've always been a fan of the 80's chrome lettering that was so prevalent during that decade. The airbrush really brought in that aesthetic of gradients which worked perfectly for rendering shiny metallic textures. The standard chrome with a reflecting desert horizon encapsulates that style perfectly. Above is my attempt at giving my name that look. Below is a piece I put together for a friend of mine. These were started out as text in Adobe Illustrator and I finished them in Adobe Photoshop.


Here's a promotional poster I put together to be shown alongside my business cards. I was inspired by the poster for the amazingly awesome GRINDHOUSE movie of Rodriguez and Tarantino fame.
I overdid the textures on this piece, but I was messing around and practicing with adding wear and tear. I researched and found some amazing websites showcasing movie posters, which you can check out HERE and  HERE. I'm a fan of the painted variety of film posters, I think that they build up anticipation for viewing the film a lot better than Photoshopped floating heads and "photo illustrations" of today's output.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Inks over Hilary Barta's Pencils

Here's a pencil sketch by Hilary Barta, cartoonist extraordinaire, of a surly looking zombie. I'm friends with him on Facebook, and he put up this sketch to see who would like to ink it. So I tried out my computer inking with Manga Studio EX4 to see how it'd be to ink over someone's pencils. It was fun to interpret the artwork.