Friday, March 9, 2012

"Strange Sex: A Strange Anthology"

A cover I illustrated for a book of short prose stories for an independent publishing company called StrangeHouse books. You can find their Facebook page HERE! This book will be coming out within a few months and you'll be able to order from them online, that is if you like strange stories about strange sex. This illustration was  traditional penciled and inked on 11x17 bristol board and colored in Adobe Photoshop.
Below is my rough tonal sketch that was approved to base the final illustration on.

Zenescope Entertainment Presents Spike TV's "1000 Ways to Die" Graphic Novel

These pages were a part of a collection of short stories based on the t.v. show "1000 Ways to Die". The title for the story I worked on was called "Pumpkin Die" and features rednecks and a pumpkin cannon. This is the first foray into the graphic novel medium for this t.v. show's concept. I drew these pages entirely in Adobe Photoshop, before I found Manga Studio, but both software programs are amazing for drawing on the computer. You can buy the book for your self at or Barnes& at the highlighted links.