Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Steve the Alien

Steve the Alien wants a hug. Be warned, he is a close talker and tends to smell like bologna. This is being sold on apparel and as a print, click HERE to purchase one or check out my Neatoshop Storefront to see more or click HERE to purchase on my TeePublic Storefront. This was a warm up sketch and another test of screen recording while I work. Click HERE to see the video of me drawing and coloring Steve. Click HERE to visit my YouTube channel with other videos showing my process.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Godzilla Speed Drawing

Here's a Godzilla illustration I did for fun and as a way to test out a speed drawing video to put on YouTube. I hope to add more videos to my YouTube channel, speed drawing or art tutorial format stuff, just keep an eye out or subscribe to the channel if you're interested.
Click HERE to see the video of me drawing and coloring this piece, enjoy!

Dinosaur T-Shirt Designs

Here are some dinosaur designs I put together in Adobe Photoshop to be used for t-shirts. I'll be doing more dinosaur species in this same design in the coming weeks, check out my NeatoShop Storefront to purchase apparel by clicking HERE or my TeePublic Storefront by clicking HERE!
I love dinosaurs and have always been in awe of the fossils they left behind. The names of dinosaurs are ancient Greek based, so I liked the translation and skull combination of this design I put together.

"Tyrannosaurus Rex"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kylo Ren Illustration

Here's a Star Wars illustration I did for fun, showing the new villain from the upcoming The Force Awakens film, Kylo Ren. I digitally inked this in Adobe Photoshop and hope to color it soon.

Kung Fu T-shirt Designs

Here are two kung fu inspired illustrations I put together in Adobe Photoshop to use as t-shirt designs. I love martial arts movies and philosophy, it's an inspiration in controlling mind and body. Visit my NeatoShop Storefront by clicking HERE or my TeePublic storefront by clicking HERE!

"Way of the Open Palm"

"Way of the Closed Fist"

Reptile Deli Inc Logos

My former college roommate for four years has gone into the reptile food business and wanted some logos for his company called Reptile Deli Inc. Here are the logos I put together in Adobe Photoshop for some of the products the company offers, mainly frozen rats and mice along with some bugs. The Reptile Deli Inc. logo was put together in Adobe Illustrator.


Here's another comic book pitch I helped out on about a modern day interpretation of Dracula, aka Vlad Tepes. it's written by two writers, Bryan Furuness and Andrew Scott. I did 7 comic pages and a couple character designs, which we've been shopping around. I drew these pages digitally in Manga Studio EX 4 and lettered them in Adobe Illustrator.
Here's a synopsis: Wastelands is a cross between Dracula and Apocalypse Now. Captain Harker and a small team travel upcountry to assassinate Dracula, a bin Laden figure who orchestrated terrorist attacks on American soil that killed Harker's fiancee, Mina, and thousands of other civilians a decade earlier. General Van Helsing taps Harker as the man to infiltrate the castle and end the 10-year war, but the mission is complicated when Harker discovers that Mina was turned into a vampire. The story is about 9/11, the War on Terror, what our country has done and what we're becoming—but it's also just a good story about vampires and vengeance.

Captain Morgan Cannon Blast Storyboards

Here are storyboards I did for Delirio Films showcasing the new Captain Morgan shot focused liquor, to contend with Fireball whisky I guess, called Cannon Blast. The bottle is shaped after a cannon ball, which looks cool, I have yet to see any of the commercials though. Enjoy, it's Shot O' Clock, lol.