Sunday, July 17, 2011

MOLD! movie poster

A filmmaker friend of mine, Neil Meschino, has asked me to paint a poster for his awesome movie, MOLD!, a well done indie horror/comedy film. Here's my initial layout and preliminary work on the canvas. 
I lay down a layer of color just to get rid of the white of the gessoed canvas. Then I used carbon paper to transfer my linework, which I drew on the computer using Photoshop. I printed it all out on 15+ pages of 8.5"x11" and taped them together to make the full sized rough to transfer to my 24"x36" canvas. I then went over those lines with a ball point pen to finalize my layout for the painting. I only did this process because of the elaborate composition and likenesses needed of all the performers of the movie shown on the painting.  I'll be posting more of my painting process as I work through it.

This is my initial rough fully drawn in Adobe Photoshop. 

This is my first pass at laying down color for my underpainting.

Here's my second pass of underpainting to be used as a base color for my line work transfer.

Here's my printed layout of the drawing done in Photoshop. I taped all the pages together to make the full size of the canvas. Beneath this layout is a layer of carbon paper that will transfer my lines to the canvas as I retrace the lines of my rough.

The carbon paper didn't work as well as I hoped, so I went in with a ball point pen to fully realize my sketch on the canvas. This step is important because it's the compositional basis for the poster. I don't own a good camera to take pictures of the large size of the painting, so sorry for the flash ;)

I'll be posting more steps of my painting process until the piece is done. It has been awhile since I've painted so I'm excited to finish this!

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